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Georgetown University Conducts ITRP Pilot Study

Georgetown University's Institutional Review Board approved a research study on the effectiveness of the ITRP in reducing trauma symptoms and improving sleep.  Though cognitive-behavioral therapy and yoga have each demonstrated efficacy in treating PTSD there is not yet a trauma study reported in the medical literature that combines the two in a single intervention.  Dr. Staples' recent yoga pilot at the New Orleans VA [VA showed efficacy in reducing veterans' hyperarousal symptoms and improving sleep. The Georgetown study is designed to determine if the ITRP protocol provides statistically significant improvement in PTSD symptoms and insomnia.

 Results:  This pilot study has now been completed.  Mr. Mintie and Dr. Staples were invited to present their outcome data at the most recent International Congress of Integrative Medicine and Health in Las Vegas, Nevada. This data is also an integral part of  their new book  "Reclaiming Life After Trauma"  forthcoming in Spring 2018 from Healing Arts Press. 




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